Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Buda Buda Buda Pest

Hero's Square in Budapest
Steve goofing around in Budapest

Our 7 hour train ride was almost missed due to complications with trying to get to the train station. Since we were in a town outside of Zagreb, we were supposed to take a smaller train to get to the main station. This train was supposed to be a direct ride to the station for leaving to Budapest. However, after two stops we had to deboard the train, wait for a bus, take a slow detour, then get on another train at a differenct station 10 miles out of the city, with 10 minutes before our train was to depart. Dana and another girl communicated during this switching from bus back to train, to a conductor that did not speak english that we would miss our train, and if they could call ahead and hold the train for us and a couple of girls from the U.K. We arrived at the station with 2 minutes before our train to Budapest left, but still had to have our passes validated BEFORE we got on the train. A lot of running with full packs and a little stressful to say the least for 8:30am, but we made it because the message actually got through!

Our host Lazslo and his girlfriend Anna are very nice here in Budapest, we have the whole upper floor of their place to sleep, use the internet, and our own full bathroom. It has been very nice and sunny both days here, and we have spent the days walking around and seeing the sites. During the day we went for a hike to a tower that Lazslo recommened. It was a half an hour hike uphill which then allowed us a great view of the whole city. That night we met our hosts at a café and hung out with them before heading back to their place to watch a hungarian movie, a comdey in fact. (And yes it was very funny even with subtitles) Yesterday we went to a castle district which is surrounded by a huge stone wall, which also has a labyrinth underground. We then walked around hero's square, and the surrounding park area to another castle that was originally surrounded by water! We took a long detour and went to Ikea to get fabric for dana to make a purse, unfortunately we were given directions to the Ikea outside of Budapest, so it took a lot longer then anticipated. We have the whole day here left to site see and then we take a 12 hour train ride starting at 11pm to Brasov, Romania.

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