Saturday, June 19, 2010


Dana hanging out by the BBQ
Jean-Phillip, Ana, Us
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge at Night with a sailboat going through
Us in front of Tower Bridge
Steve and London Tower
STEVE and Big Ben!
Us and Big Ben
Dana and the walking bridge from Harry Potter
Random light billboard
At the end of the palace road
Changing of the Guard
Buckingham Palace

So sorry this is really late in the series, but here it goes anyways. We arrived at midnight and slept in the airport till 6 am. We almost missed our shuttle bus back into London, but caught him just as he was backing up! We found our new host Ana who agreed to let us stay with her for two nights. Also staying with her was another couch surfer named Jean-Phillip. He is from Paris and looking to work and learn English. After a quick breakfast we headed out to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards. We caught the tail end of it and then headed to an open food market to try different foods. We walked along the river towards tower bridge when we realized one of our metro passes was missing. We backtracked and searched but with no luck. So we bought another pass and took the "tube" to London's parliament building and to see Big Ben! We also took pictures of West Minister Abby before heading back to Ana's for the night.
Our last day in London was spent walking through Soho, and checking out London Tower and Tower bridge (ie. London bridge). London Tower was super expensive so we just enjoyed the view, but took lots of pictures of Tower bridge. Ana brought us to a friends house warming party that night. It was a Portuguese/African house warming party, which = A lot of FUN!!!! While we were waiting for the food to be barbecued, Dana and I went back to Tower bridge to take night shots. It took us a lot longer to get there and back, so the party was twice was big when we got back. It was so much dancing, and eating good food. We finally left at 2 am seing as how we still needed to pack and get up at 8am. The party was still going strong when we left.

Back to Agadir

Washing hands in the ocean
Us at the beach
Fishing boats
Grande taxi and petit taxi (thats what their called)
Us and Hisham having breakfast
Steve and Hisham at the beach
Dana by the Marina
Dana and Hisham at the zoo

We caught a bus in the morning back to Agadir. They tried to check our baggage and charge us for it, but we had played that game already. We held onto it with plenty of room for our feet! A family got on with their son being sick. He was throwing up the whole 4 and half hours, we moved back a row as nonchalantly as possible. We arrived in a town called Inzegane, which is a twenty minute bus ride from Agadir. Again we had to wait for our host to come meet us. A store owner called for us and also gave us a place to sit and ordered us some tea. Hisham came shortly after and we headed to his place. We headed into Agadir to look around, walked through the zoo, and down by the marina and the beach before heading back and relaxing. Then next day we went walking through the souk (the market), Dana got a few gifts. Hisham's family lives in the four floors of their house, but they only have the hole in the ground for a toilet. So for us it is a little awkward trying to use them! And we will leave it at that!
We took a bus ride to a beach further away where a lot of people go surfing. We just hung out by the beach and enjoyed the sun for a few hours. When we walked to the bus station to leave Morocco, I felt like there was a parade going on, and we were the main float. Everyone stares in Morocco and it just feels so weird to be the one being stared at. When walking to the airport from the bus stop, some kids stopped us to interveiw us about why we came to Morocco for their English class. We both were very happy to finally get on the plane to fly back to London.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Crazy,Pushy, Marrakech

Dana in the souk
Dana in Cyber Park
Steve infront of the Mosque
Dana in downtown Marrakech

On our bus trip down, both times, we met men who spoke english and were very hospitable by treating us to food at the rest stop and going as far as to invite us to stay with them if our plans didn't work out. Thankyou again Abdullah and Moonir. We have definitely found Moroccan people to be the most hospitable so far. We got a couch surfing host very last mintue when we emailed in Marrakech. Jon just moved there from London and was very nice to host us last minute. We all went to the large main square to eat supper in the evening. Marrakech is a lot more touristy than Agadir. We spent a full day walking around town, going to the souks (larege open markets).

Into the Desert!

Moroccan Stamp! Curry stain
Having breakfast in the desert
Riding our camels Bob and Jimi
Sunrise in the desert
On the way to Merzouga
Hanging out in a berber country side
Mohammed fixing the flat tire

In Khenifra we stayed with our host Mohammed. He helped organize a trip for us. Before we went on our trip, we spent the afternoon with Mohammed's family, a real berber family (natives of Morocco) She cooked us a very nice meal in their home. We spent the afternoon just sitting around looking over the mountains not talking because we were left with his family who did not speak english or french. The next day we drove to Merzougato his uncle's hotel where Dana and I rode camels at night into the desert, with our none english speaking guide Brahim. There we spent the night in a tent and had a huge and delicious tajine meal. We climbed the sand dune at 6 am for the sunrise but it was unfortunately cloudy. That day we went back to the hotel and then drove to Tienrir, to go and see the gorges. At one point crossing the road we had to get pushed across a section because water was rushing so fast over the road. That night Steve got quite sick so a little music playing with the locals after dinner and he was done for the night. The third day of our trip was spent just driving back to Khenifra. Saturday we took a 6 hour bus ride down to Marrakech.

Agadir, Morocco

Main strip in Agadir
Dana on the beach
Arabic in the hill side
Dana and Jamaa at the souk
Us in Jamaa's apartment

We went from a cool 5 degrees in London to 17 degrees at 8pm in Agadir, Morocco! After calling our host and waiting, we were picked up by Jamaa and his friend Brahim. We picked up Pascal and then walked around town by the beach and marina. Jamaa and his friends treated us to some good seafood. Everyone eats with their hands out here, usually a piece of bread to pick the food up with. And usually sharing from the same plate. In Agaidr we mostly walked around town, and spent one day at the beach. The waves were powerful and the sun was hot (30). Steve peeled and Dana received a bad sunglasses tan! We took a 10 hour night bus north to a small town called Khenifra.

Kiev, Ukraine

Statue in main square
Lovers bridge, locks everywhere
Can't remember which church this one is
Friendship Rainbow....awwww
Us infront of the that same church
From the train station we took a bus to out next host Kolya's apartment. The bus was only supposed to take 40 minutes, with traffic it took over an hour! We found his flat, and no answer, came back a little later and found out he had been there the whole time, he just didn't hear the buzzer! We dropped our stuff off and then headed back to the city center. There are some very beautiful and colourful churches here in Kiev. We walked through the park in the evening and saw friendship rainbow (yes it is as cheezy as it sounds) Dana did a little shopping before we headed back to Kolya's. The bus takes an hour no matter what time of day. Traffic seems to be bad all the time. The rest of the night we drank tea and hung out and talked with Kolya. The next day very similar; we walked around more churches, we walked through a park near the river. Spent some time looking for a good exchange rate to get money, and stopped in the expensive malls to take time to warm up. Dana made pasta for the three of us, and we just hung out with Kolya again before going to bed. Our last day was spent fighting traffic to the train station, and then catching a shuttle to the airport. Now we fly back to London to finish our help exchange in Whiltshire.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

L'viv, Ukraine

Tiny public buses
Dinner in the bunker
Andriy and Us
Dana and Andriy at the top of the hill
Fun statue
Open market we went to many times

We slept in the aiport Wednesday night because we could't get a bus or train to get us to the airport on time on Thursday. Our flight was delayed an hour so we were in the airport even longer than we had planned. We flew into Kiev just after 7pm and were greeted with white snow everywhere! We were also greeted to little or no english speakers, except for the persistent taxi drivers. We exchanged money and found our way into an old mini bus which brought us to the train station an hour away. Our next hurdle was trying to buy train tickets. None of the workers spoke english, luckily we had some english speakers on our bus and they helped us get our tickets. We also met a very nice guy on the train, Stefan, who helped us find our bunks and talked with us before we went to sleep. A better sleep than in the airport, but still not very restful. Stefen helped us phone our host Andriy (Andre) and we were able to meet half an hour later. Transportation is cheap here, the tram cost us 15 cents each. We hopped onto a bus back to his apartment, chatted for a bit then slept for four hours! It's a 30 minute walk into town, we met Andriy there and he showed us around while we also tryed to find the tourist office (which we eventually did). Andriy had a date so we parted and walked back to the apartment to make supper and relax. The few days were spent sleeping in and then walking into the city to see teh sights. It was only minus 1, but it felt colder. We went to see several nice churches, a weapons museum, a cemetary, the open market (many times), and we walked up a hill which overlooked L'viv. Andrey was a great host, very easy going.We spent a total of 6 days in L'viv, then caught a night train back to Kiev!