Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 26, 2009- We arrived in London on Wednesday, September 23 a little ahead of schedule. The flight was really nice, unfortunately we couldn't get in a comfy position to fall asleep. We bused to the Stanstead airport to catch our flight to Zadar, Croatia. Again, we had a very nice flight and arrived early. However, when we got into Zadar we realized the airport was out of the city and were not quite sure how to get there or where we were going. It all worked out the end! There was a bus that came and took us into the centre of the city. There we met Ruth from the U.S., Matt from Australia, and Matt from Edinburgh. We were all going to the same hostel and got there with no other problems. Steve and I lucked out and got our own room.
The next morning Matt from Australia left but, we met another girl named Mandy. She was also from Edinburgh, but originally from Kelowna B.C. We spent the day walking around old town and sitting at the pier overlooking the Adriatic Sea, the view was breath taking! We then walked down the coast to listen to the Sea Organ. The Sea Organ are pipes underwater that open on the coast. Their melody depends on the tide and is constantly playing. All of us us went back to watch the sun set over the mountains and listen to the organ.
The next morning we packed up our stuff and headed to the beach. There we went swimming in the Adriatic and said good-bye to our new friends and made our way to catch the 4 hour bus to Zagreb.

Once we arrived in Zagreb we figured out how to get to the main square. Before we left I realized I forgot my sunglasses on the bus. We left word that this had happened and hoped we would have them returned. We met our wonderful host Sunčana that evening and headed out for an evening of fun at what they call Septemberfest. There we had an awesome time and met many of Sunčana's friends and colleges. The next morning we headed to Zagreb with Sunčana and waked around seeing the sights of Zagreb. We relaxed for part of the day, made some supper, and went to a really fun party.

Our stay in Croatia has been amazing and I am really sad our visit was so short! We already have plans to come for another visit in the near future! Tomorrow morning we head off to our next destination, Budapest!


  1. Glad to see you made it in one piece!

  2. What an exciting time you are having!! You have been sight seeing, spending time at the beach and taking part in September fest. Are you exhausted? What is the weather like? Hope tomorrow is another great day! b4n Grandma

  3. Hey GUYS!!! you made it through the flights ya! It looks like you are having a great time already. i go past your street everyday on the bus and think of you, shed a little tear maybe. Good job on the blog, it looks great.

    where to next?