Thursday, January 28, 2010


Looking down the original wall
Us infront of the Brandenburg Gate
I think it's pretty obvious
Dana in front of the church which was bombed during WWII

Now that we have peeked your interest, and also haven't blogged for awhile, we share about Berlin. We arrived in Berlin in the evening and found our host Claudia not far from the S-bahn (inter-city train) stop. She had a large comfy couch for us to crash on, along with her two cats. It was a little cool in Berlin, minus five, but it was nice to have snow. Friday night we did something a little different, we went to a sauna with a group of other couch surfers. The difference is that when you go to a sauna in Germany, you are naked! It was very strange at first, but once you see everyone else finds it normal, you are able to relax, mostly! The facility is in three enclosed boats that are on the river; with a pool and two saunas and a bunch of lounge chairs. (where you cover up with a towel)
Saturday morning we had a traditional German breakfast with Claudia, then headed out to do some shopping and joined a free walking tour around Berlin. It started blowing snow during the tour, so we took off and did some window shopping. Steve went to a bar later that evening to watch an NFL playoff game with a couple of couch surfers. Next day we checked out an open market, then went to the berlin wall documentation centre, and then saw 1.6 km of the original wall, which had been repainted by the original artisits 10 years ago. We also visited a church which has been preserved in its shattered state as a reminder of WWII. We also saw Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburg gate. We have now run into a problem with how long we have been in the Shengan Area so.... we have changed our plans a bit and are now going to fly to Ireland!!

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