Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tramore, Ireland

Dana, Kayleigh, Karen, Mark, and Steve
Dana getting ready for some painting
Steve driving a right wheel car!
Dana and Karen on the Copper Coast

We took another two trains to get to Waterford, then took a public bus into Tramore. We walked into the residential area of Meadowbrook and found Karen and her daughter Kayleigh watching t.v. Karen is very involved with couchsurfing, but we found her through help exchange. Karen and Kayleigh are both very friendly and welcoming. Karen showed us around Tramore, and also took us along the copper coast to the many beaches. She organized a pot luck with a couple of friends one night, then we headed out to the pub to have a drink as well. Two more times we went to the pub to listen to traditional Irish music called trad. The last time we went Steve sang a song, and Dana danced with a much older man (Steve kept his eye on him).
While we were at Karen's we patched and painted a room on the main floor, we tackled Kayleigh's room so that she could once again function in it and find things. Steve put up a curtain for the closet in her room, and Dana cleaned the main floor. Steve also fixed the leaf in the dinning room table. We just had a great time relaxing and chatting with Karen, she is very easy to talk to. She even let us use her car to drive to the Dunmore caves, and the town of Kilkenny. Steve drove the right wheeled vehicle without any "issues" ! It was really neat inside the cave, we got our own private tour for 2 euro ! Unfortunately we didn't get to see any bats, they were still hibernating! We got great tips from Karen about couchsurfing and are excited to host when we get back home. Actually as of today, it is just under 6 weeks until we fly back to Toronto. We are now heading back to Dublin for a few days before flying to Scotland!

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