Saturday, June 19, 2010


Dana hanging out by the BBQ
Jean-Phillip, Ana, Us
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge at Night with a sailboat going through
Us in front of Tower Bridge
Steve and London Tower
STEVE and Big Ben!
Us and Big Ben
Dana and the walking bridge from Harry Potter
Random light billboard
At the end of the palace road
Changing of the Guard
Buckingham Palace

So sorry this is really late in the series, but here it goes anyways. We arrived at midnight and slept in the airport till 6 am. We almost missed our shuttle bus back into London, but caught him just as he was backing up! We found our new host Ana who agreed to let us stay with her for two nights. Also staying with her was another couch surfer named Jean-Phillip. He is from Paris and looking to work and learn English. After a quick breakfast we headed out to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards. We caught the tail end of it and then headed to an open food market to try different foods. We walked along the river towards tower bridge when we realized one of our metro passes was missing. We backtracked and searched but with no luck. So we bought another pass and took the "tube" to London's parliament building and to see Big Ben! We also took pictures of West Minister Abby before heading back to Ana's for the night.
Our last day in London was spent walking through Soho, and checking out London Tower and Tower bridge (ie. London bridge). London Tower was super expensive so we just enjoyed the view, but took lots of pictures of Tower bridge. Ana brought us to a friends house warming party that night. It was a Portuguese/African house warming party, which = A lot of FUN!!!! While we were waiting for the food to be barbecued, Dana and I went back to Tower bridge to take night shots. It took us a lot longer to get there and back, so the party was twice was big when we got back. It was so much dancing, and eating good food. We finally left at 2 am seing as how we still needed to pack and get up at 8am. The party was still going strong when we left.

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