Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back to Agadir

Washing hands in the ocean
Us at the beach
Fishing boats
Grande taxi and petit taxi (thats what their called)
Us and Hisham having breakfast
Steve and Hisham at the beach
Dana by the Marina
Dana and Hisham at the zoo

We caught a bus in the morning back to Agadir. They tried to check our baggage and charge us for it, but we had played that game already. We held onto it with plenty of room for our feet! A family got on with their son being sick. He was throwing up the whole 4 and half hours, we moved back a row as nonchalantly as possible. We arrived in a town called Inzegane, which is a twenty minute bus ride from Agadir. Again we had to wait for our host to come meet us. A store owner called for us and also gave us a place to sit and ordered us some tea. Hisham came shortly after and we headed to his place. We headed into Agadir to look around, walked through the zoo, and down by the marina and the beach before heading back and relaxing. Then next day we went walking through the souk (the market), Dana got a few gifts. Hisham's family lives in the four floors of their house, but they only have the hole in the ground for a toilet. So for us it is a little awkward trying to use them! And we will leave it at that!
We took a bus ride to a beach further away where a lot of people go surfing. We just hung out by the beach and enjoyed the sun for a few hours. When we walked to the bus station to leave Morocco, I felt like there was a parade going on, and we were the main float. Everyone stares in Morocco and it just feels so weird to be the one being stared at. When walking to the airport from the bus stop, some kids stopped us to interveiw us about why we came to Morocco for their English class. We both were very happy to finally get on the plane to fly back to London.

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