Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bordeaux, take one !

We left at 8am to catch our first train on our way to Bordeaux. We arrived in Hendaye with 5 minutes to catch the next train to Bordeaux, we made it but it was full. So we spent the next 5 hours in the train station in Hendaye because it was raining! Which turned out to be good because while we were waiting we were able to reserve our train to Paris for Christmas (we got the last two seats!) We finally caught our train and arrived at the University where Lauren met us with a big Canadian hug. It was great to see a familiar face, and she made us feel so welcome! She had two exams the next morning so she left to study and stay at a freinds place and let us stay in her room. After having some bad sleeps, it was nice to sleep in and take it a little easy. We got to see Lauren just before we left and we promised to be back next week. We caught our train to Marmande in the early afternoon. Our next host Kevin picked us up at the station and brought us to our next help exchange!

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