Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Parsnip throwing, chainsaw hogging, soldier eating Aussies!!

(L-R) Kevin, Dana, Amber, 2 of Kevin's friends, Dusty, and Steve at the telethon
Dana, Enid, and Amber

(L-R) Dusty, Amber, Kevin, Enid, Dana, and Steve

Dana in the hot tub

The Gites

Kevin is a very funny easy going Englishman who moved to France 7 years ago with his wife Enid (she was in London when we arrived). We arrived at the house where Sally and Sam were waiting to greet us (their two dogs) and we met Amber and Dusty the two Australians who were also staying there. Kevin showed us the gite (guesthouse) we would be shaing with Amber and Dusty. We each had our own upstairs with bedroom and bathroom, and shared a kitchen and commom room on the main floor. Beside the gites is a workout facility with sauna and a hot tub. We were albe to unpack and relax and then Kevin took all of us into town for the telethon that was happening. The Telethon happens all over France and it is to raise money for children with Myopathy and related diseases. We had a nice meal with an endless supply of wine and were able to meet some of the people from the town. Everyone there was super friendly and inviting. We had a really nice time. Thoughout the week we helped with jobs around the house and yard. Steve and Dusty tackled a massive hedge that needed to be groomed and cut pretty much in half... a chainsaw was lost in the process. Kevin cooked us amazing meals everyday! Everyone was great and a pleasure to be around! We took advantage of the gym and especially the hot tub!One of the days we went with Kevin into some of the surrounding towns where he showed us around. Enid came home at the end of the week from visting the UK. She is wonderful and lots of fun too! The night she returned we all shared a wonderful meal together and lots of laughs. It was great to meet Amber and Dusty too! They were very easy going and fun to be around. They have been away from home for three years traveling and working and still have a ways to go before they plan on going back to Australia. For our last breakfast Amber introduced us to soliders. It is a fun breakfast they had as kids. You soft boil an egg and put it in an egg cup. Then you cut the top of the egg off and cut your toast in strips. Finally you dip your toast in the egg and enjoy! It was fun. As for the parsnips... we'll leave that one out. We had a wonderful week there!

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