Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We got our picture the next night
Dana feeding the birds
Parque del Buen Retiro
Downtown Madrid
The lights went out!

The next moring we arrived in Madrid. We slowly made our way to a hostel we were thinking of checking in to. When we found it the staff were very unfriendly and wouldn`t check us in until we booked on-line, but he wouldn't even let us use the computer there! We found a wonderful hotel nearby that let us use their internet for free even though we were not guests there. We ended up finding a way better hostel in a better location! After we checked in we met some new friends there. There was a guy from Belgium, two girls from Sweden, two guys from Quebec, an Aussi, and an English girl. We spent the day and evening walking around Madrid. In the centre of one of the squares there was this huge Christmas tree made from lights that we wanted a picture with. We were getting our camera set up and had taken a couple sample shots when our watches struck 10 pm and all the lights went off! A Spanish couple just laughed when they saw and then said something in Spanish, we didn't have to understand to know that they were making fun of us! The next day we walked around again to see Madrid in the light of day. We went to Parque del Buen Retiro which we really enjoyed and saw many beautiful buildings. The Park had some very tame birds that would come eat out of your hand! We did some shopping and went back to the hostel for a late supper. We hung out with all the people there for a while and had some free sangria from the hostel. The next day we were leaving very early so, we packed everything up and got ready to leave. We are headed to Bordeaux to spend the night at our friend Lauren's and then off to a help exchange!

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