Monday, February 15, 2010

Dublin in two parts!

Central Dublin
St. Patrick's Church
Dana at Ha-Penny bridge

So the first time we arrived in Dublin was on Jan. 13th, it was cold and raining as we were fleeing... ah...silently leaving Berlin and the Shengan Area. We stayed with a couch surfing couple; Rod who is from Brazil, and Maret who is from Estonia. Really easy going friendly people so we got along just great. The first day in Dublin was spent speaking to embassies to try and see if we could get back to the Shengan Area. When not doing that we walked to the Temple Bar area (Like Cordyon area in Winnipeg), saw St. Patrick’s Church and the courtyard of a castle. The crosswalks make a noise like you are being warped across to the other side of the street. Steve thouroughly enjoyed each intersection, Dana became less pleased with Steve with each intersection! The next day we left in the afternoon for our help exchange in Tralee.

The second time in Dublin was on Jan. 30th. We stayed with Rod and Maret again. The weather was a little nicer this time, not raining or windy. We bought some luggage for our next two trips we will be taking to the Ukraine and Morocco. We mostly hung out and watched movies with Rod and Maret. We stayed up too late the last night watching movies when we had to be up at 7am in order to catch our trains and bus to the airport to fly to Glasgow, Scotland, oh well! Time to go from green to plaid!

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