Monday, February 15, 2010

Edinburgh, Scotland

Dana in the Castle
Us in front of Edinburgh Castle
Steve using the phone, ok... not really

We walked 30 minutes from the bus station to our next hosts apartment. A polish couple working and studying in Scotland. In the morning we walked into town, a fox ran right across the road infront of us. We took a quick look at the Royal Palace before walking up Royal Mile Road to Edinburgh (Ed-in-bur-ra) Castle. Our first real castle, but not worth the 22 pounds to get in! Afterwards we had some food at the Elephant house cafe. This is where Harry Potter was first written! We had a virus on our memory stick, and had lost some pictures. Lukasz had a program to recover pictures from our memory card. So fortunately we got them all back and even got rid of the virus on the memory stick. The next day we did some shopping and went to the National Scotland Musuem. The museum has a huge interactive section which we spent most of our time in; building robots, driving a Formula 1 simulator, and testing our reaction time. We made Lukasz and Wiola dinner, then they walked with us back to the bus station. We caught a bus back to Glasgow to catch our over night bus to London, England!

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