Thursday, March 11, 2010

Whiltshire, England

snow drops.... all over the yard
Me and Ruben
Dana working in the polytunnel
Front yard, with river
Their house
Lacock village where they shot Harry Potter scenes
Dana in the Abbey

Our bus from London arrived in Salisbury in the afternoon. Ellie picked us up and we also got her two energetic boys, Joss & Ruben. We felt right at home immediately. Ellie and her husband John have a nice house in the woods. They have solar panels for electricity, and a generator when that isn't enough. On Sunday, Ellie took us to a village called Lacock. Some of the scenes in the first two Harry Potter movies were shot here! While we were at their place, we helped cut up and clear a tree. We used green engineering to help restore some of the eroded bank near the stream. We shoveled a lot of compost and organized a shed and polytunnel (greenhouse). Steve fixed a freezer door, and we both broke up large chunks of chalk to fill pot holes in the road right in front of their house. We hung with the family in the evenings. Steve went with John one night to a pub to wath a rugby match. We stayed for 5 days, but returned after our trip to the Ukraine.

Ellie picked us up from the Swindin, and we were very happy to see her after a long night and not a lot of sleep. We drove by Avebury which has a walking path along many large stones standing upright like Stonehege(which really isn't very spectacular). We were only back for a few days, but it was great. Also Ellie really helped Steve out by getting her son's school to supervise him for his written portion for entrance to University. We got the polytunnel ready and planted seeds one day. The other day we organized the big shed and also moved some furniture up and around in the attic. We really enjoyed our time and we were sad to leave. We took the bus to London on Wednesday, put our packs in storage and caught our bus to the airport to fly to Morocco!

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