Friday, March 12, 2010

Crazy,Pushy, Marrakech

Dana in the souk
Dana in Cyber Park
Steve infront of the Mosque
Dana in downtown Marrakech

On our bus trip down, both times, we met men who spoke english and were very hospitable by treating us to food at the rest stop and going as far as to invite us to stay with them if our plans didn't work out. Thankyou again Abdullah and Moonir. We have definitely found Moroccan people to be the most hospitable so far. We got a couch surfing host very last mintue when we emailed in Marrakech. Jon just moved there from London and was very nice to host us last minute. We all went to the large main square to eat supper in the evening. Marrakech is a lot more touristy than Agadir. We spent a full day walking around town, going to the souks (larege open markets).

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