Monday, November 23, 2009

And now the fun begins...

Dana in Venice
Steve on the hike, Vernazza in the background
Dana along the path
Overlooking Manarola

Us in front of the leaning tower of Pisa
Florence, from Michelangelo's Plazza
The Duomo in Florence
Us in Florence
Everything was all set in the morning to leave for Florence. Just before leaving for the train station we checked our email. It was a good thing we checked, because as it turned out our couch surfer decided that he wasn't going to host us anymore (We were supposed to be at his place for four nights!) So... we did some quick emailing to find a hostel last minute and then rearranged our schedule for the next several days. We headed to Florence and spent the next 2 days there. We saw Michaelangelo's David, the Duomo,and walked around to see other sites. Florence was a very nice city. From Florence we took a day trip to Pisa, then had to come back to Florence to catch our night train to Venice at 1:48am. It was a long night with very little sleep. We had to share a compartment with three smelly men!
We arrived in Venice at 5am and waited for the city to wake up! We spent the whole day there walking around, getting lost, and then finding our way again. Venice is so beautiful. It would have been nice to stay longer. But, it might have been better that way because then we saved some money. Venice is a very expensive city(to use the internet for one hour would cost us $9.50 Cdn).
Since it was so expensive to use the internet, we decided we would look for a hostel in Milan when we arrived at 8pm. (We were leaving at 5pm because of the rescheduling we had to do). Well... there were no hostels available so, we were homeless in the train station for the night. We were allowed to sleep in the train station from 1-4 am. Thats when the police woke us up and said sleeping time was over! From Milan we took a morning train to Riomaggiore, Italy, where we stayed to walk Cinque Terre (five cities on a hill). So we did a 9km hike after not really sleeping for two nights in a row. Well it was an amazing hike, beautiful view where ever we looked. It was Halloween, so we were a little sad not to see decorations or costumes. But when we arrived in the last city, there was a small party going on with cheap food and music playing. There were even two little girls dressed up in costumes, it made Dana happy to see! We took the train back to our hostel and just crashed, the beds weren't that comfortable, but we were so happy to have a bed to sleep in again.

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