Monday, November 2, 2009


In Rome, in St. Peter's Basilica
Us on a bridge
The Trevi Fountain at Night! Less crowded then
Colosseum at Night
Us there during the day!

The 15 hour ferry ride went by quickly since we were sleeping for a good chunk of time. The shower on board was the best one we have come across so far! We spent way too much time in Ancona, waiting for our train, missing our train, and then having to wait for a later one. We finally arrived in Rome at 11pm after a 4 hour train ride. We found our hostel, did some email and then crashed! Next morning we walked and saw a few sights as we made our way to the Colosseum. We paid to have a guided tour which also included a guided tour of the Palatine hill right next to the Colosseum. We saw a few other sights before heading back to our hostel for supper. (which was free. Free breakfast & pasta & wine = AWESOME!) We went out and took some night shots of the colosseum and got some gelato. Next day we went to the Vatican museum which is free on the last sunday of the month! Standing in line we met a couple from Ottawa who used to work for the UN in Sudan, Kim and Alan. Chatting with them made the hour go by very quickly! There was soo much to see, it ended with the sisteen chapel, where Dana was abel to get 2 photos even though your not supposed too! We switched to another hostel that night because ours was booked. We met people from Australia, New Zealand, and the US and had another great free pasta supper & breakfast next morning! The hostel was nicer and also had a bathroom and shower in each room. We took some night pictures of the Trevi fountain, got Gelato, and saw a couple get engaged. The next day we went back to St. Peter's Basilica (largest church in the world). It is a very beautiful church. Almost all of the art were mosaics which was hard to see because it was perfect! We went to the spanish steps, trevi fountain, and then back for supper. We spent the night at the hostel hanging out and talking with everyone. Tommorrow we are heading to Florence for awhile and staying with a couchsurfer.

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