Monday, November 30, 2009

Off to France!

sunset overlooking the city
Moon rising over the harbour
Again looking over the city
Kori, Guillaume, and Us

November first we started to make our way to Nice, France. We had to switch trains just outside France to a french train!(much nicer than the Italian trains) We arrived in Nice in the early evening and called our host Guillaume (gee-omme). He was at a family dinner and told us to go to old town to meet a girl named Kori who was also staying with him; he would come and meet us later. We couldn't find Kori, but met a bunch of people to talk to while we waited. Sometime later Kori showed up, and seconds later so did Guillaume. We went back to his nice apartment with an amazing view of the city, and spent the rest of the night talking and hanging out until the wee hours of the morning. We all slept in the next morning and then headed out in the afternoon. We tried these really good sandwiches called pan-banet; we ate them in a park that overlooked the city. It was beautiful! From the hill we watched the sunset over the hill on one side, and on the other the moon rise over the harbour. We left shortly after so we wouldn't get locked in the park. After a quick stop in the grocery store, Guillaume taught us how to make Ratatouille, it was amazing. We saw a little more of Nice the next day, and spent some more time with Guillaume. We checked out train times for Barcelona for the following day. We had a very unhelpful lady who said there was no way to get to Barcelona the next day; apparently none of the train times seemed to work. Dana asked if another train could get us there earlier to make a connecting train, but there was none, apparently. We went to information to see if there was a another way to get to Montpellier (the connecting train). There were two earlier trains the next morning. So back into the train staion we went, and spoke to a very helpful gentleman who arranged all of our connections to Barcelona and also refunded us some money as well. After all of that, we met up with Guillaume and went for a drink. Dana did the classic mistake of ordering a drink without asking how much it was; her long island iced-tea ended up costing 8 euros (13 Cdn). Guillaume went out that night so we had the night to oursleves. We made some dinner and watched a good movie called Into the Wild. We woke up at 6 am and Guillaume wasn't home yet! We were in a bit of a panic, but he showed up before we had to leave and got us to the train station on time! It was very sad to leave he made us feel at home and was a lot of fun to be around. He is actually in Canada right now visiting a friend in Montreal right now. We said our good-byes and caught our four trains to make it to Barcelona that night!

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