Monday, November 2, 2009


Us on our Scooter!
Olive trees with mesh ready to be rolled out to collect the harvest
At sunset beach!!
On top of Palamidi Fortress, over 999 steps later!

We arrived in Patra in the evening and hung around waiting for our ferry which departed at 11:30pm. While waiting we checked our email to see if our couch surfer host had emailed us. He hadn't, Dana was a little nervous but he said he would be able to host, so we shouldn't worry. At 9:30 pm we boarded, we had deck seats so we made our beds on the floor for the night. 7 and a half hours later we arrived in Corfu. Dana went hunting for internet when we arrived with little luck. At about 10, we found a spot but still not an email from our host. So there we were stuck in Corfu with no where to go. We found a camping village called camp Dionysis not too far away for pretty cheap, so we decided to go there. We had a small little cabin to our selves that was at the most 7x7. With not too much to do near by, we took a bus to Peroulades. Peroulades is known for it's beautiful sunsets. After much walking (because we both fell asleep and missed our stop) we arrived at sunset beach. It was beautiful! We then walked back 4 miles back to Sidari to catch our bus. It was a cold night, especially to camp!
The next day we rented a scooter and drove all along the coast of the top half of the island. We explored and even found a cool cave off the main road. The next morning we left on a ferry to Igumenitsa to take another ferry to Ancona Italy.

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