Friday, March 12, 2010

Kiev, Ukraine

Statue in main square
Lovers bridge, locks everywhere
Can't remember which church this one is
Friendship Rainbow....awwww
Us infront of the that same church
From the train station we took a bus to out next host Kolya's apartment. The bus was only supposed to take 40 minutes, with traffic it took over an hour! We found his flat, and no answer, came back a little later and found out he had been there the whole time, he just didn't hear the buzzer! We dropped our stuff off and then headed back to the city center. There are some very beautiful and colourful churches here in Kiev. We walked through the park in the evening and saw friendship rainbow (yes it is as cheezy as it sounds) Dana did a little shopping before we headed back to Kolya's. The bus takes an hour no matter what time of day. Traffic seems to be bad all the time. The rest of the night we drank tea and hung out and talked with Kolya. The next day very similar; we walked around more churches, we walked through a park near the river. Spent some time looking for a good exchange rate to get money, and stopped in the expensive malls to take time to warm up. Dana made pasta for the three of us, and we just hung out with Kolya again before going to bed. Our last day was spent fighting traffic to the train station, and then catching a shuttle to the airport. Now we fly back to London to finish our help exchange in Whiltshire.

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