Friday, March 12, 2010

Into the Desert!

Moroccan Stamp! Curry stain
Having breakfast in the desert
Riding our camels Bob and Jimi
Sunrise in the desert
On the way to Merzouga
Hanging out in a berber country side
Mohammed fixing the flat tire

In Khenifra we stayed with our host Mohammed. He helped organize a trip for us. Before we went on our trip, we spent the afternoon with Mohammed's family, a real berber family (natives of Morocco) She cooked us a very nice meal in their home. We spent the afternoon just sitting around looking over the mountains not talking because we were left with his family who did not speak english or french. The next day we drove to Merzougato his uncle's hotel where Dana and I rode camels at night into the desert, with our none english speaking guide Brahim. There we spent the night in a tent and had a huge and delicious tajine meal. We climbed the sand dune at 6 am for the sunrise but it was unfortunately cloudy. That day we went back to the hotel and then drove to Tienrir, to go and see the gorges. At one point crossing the road we had to get pushed across a section because water was rushing so fast over the road. That night Steve got quite sick so a little music playing with the locals after dinner and he was done for the night. The third day of our trip was spent just driving back to Khenifra. Saturday we took a 6 hour bus ride down to Marrakech.

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