Thursday, March 11, 2010

L'viv, Ukraine

Tiny public buses
Dinner in the bunker
Andriy and Us
Dana and Andriy at the top of the hill
Fun statue
Open market we went to many times

We slept in the aiport Wednesday night because we could't get a bus or train to get us to the airport on time on Thursday. Our flight was delayed an hour so we were in the airport even longer than we had planned. We flew into Kiev just after 7pm and were greeted with white snow everywhere! We were also greeted to little or no english speakers, except for the persistent taxi drivers. We exchanged money and found our way into an old mini bus which brought us to the train station an hour away. Our next hurdle was trying to buy train tickets. None of the workers spoke english, luckily we had some english speakers on our bus and they helped us get our tickets. We also met a very nice guy on the train, Stefan, who helped us find our bunks and talked with us before we went to sleep. A better sleep than in the airport, but still not very restful. Stefen helped us phone our host Andriy (Andre) and we were able to meet half an hour later. Transportation is cheap here, the tram cost us 15 cents each. We hopped onto a bus back to his apartment, chatted for a bit then slept for four hours! It's a 30 minute walk into town, we met Andriy there and he showed us around while we also tryed to find the tourist office (which we eventually did). Andriy had a date so we parted and walked back to the apartment to make supper and relax. The few days were spent sleeping in and then walking into the city to see teh sights. It was only minus 1, but it felt colder. We went to see several nice churches, a weapons museum, a cemetary, the open market (many times), and we walked up a hill which overlooked L'viv. Andrey was a great host, very easy going.We spent a total of 6 days in L'viv, then caught a night train back to Kiev!

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